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British photographer and small-town girl gone a little bit wild. I’m based in England and frequently shooting in London and Europe. My work and passions have me on the road often and I love it.

I started my journey as a dancer and model and have since worked internationally on both sides of the camera. Living out much of my 20s in Hong Kong and meeting some fascinating people there, I quickly became enamored with passion, stories, people and their visions.

Discovering photography allowed me to indulge in these curiosities with purpose. I shoot regularly for performers, artists, authors, growing brands and aspiring entrepreneurs. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter who you are or what part of your journey you're on. I love working with inspired, creative and driven people. It’s an honour to support a vision and be a part of creating it. 


My work includes portraits, story driven photography, campaigns, brand articulation and content creation.







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Joanne Brent

London, UK

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